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ITEXPO Seeks Industry Leaders to Join 5G Summit

5G Summit at ITEXPO Opens call for speakers for February 2017 Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Norwalk, CT—November 29, 2016— TMC today announced the call for speakers has opened for the 5G Summit at ITEXPO, held February 7-9, 2017 at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. 5G Summit explores how 5G complements and/or competes with current strategies and what are its implications for the future. ITEXPO is the only event dedicated to exploring communications and business transformation for the enterprise mid-market, resellers and service providers. Everyone, from IT/telecom managers to C-Level execs to business owners make this their go to event year after year to hear from the best speakers, to network with colleagues and to see the latest technologies on the exhibit floor.

“The first question one has to ask about deploying new technology is what does it solve? The answer for 5G is density. Density in terms of the data through put, density in terms of direct access, density in terms of connectivity to more users and devices, said Carl Ford, CEO, Crossfire Media, executive director of content. “The 5G summit explores all the technologies used to manage the requirements driving our future.”

“We all know we want and will need bigger, faster pipes as mobile network usage continues to accelerate. But, if we learned one thing from watching the transition from 3G to 4G, it's that the next migration will not be any easier, and the path to 5G will be fraught with pitfalls,” said Erik K Linask, Group Editorial Director at TMC. “5G Summit at ITEXPO is the logical place to begin this conversation, among operators and providers that have been at the heart of the mobile evolution from its inception.”

Speakers and Panelists will be considered for the following sessions:

  • Demand Drivers: The Who, What and Why of 5G - Video on Demand, WebRTC and Social networks are high-volume activities requiring greater bandwidth and continual connections. 5G represents the collective strategies to support the demand and density of traffic in the marketplace today.
  • The Trials and Tribulations of 5G - AT&T and Verizon have 28 Hz and 39 Hz trials today. What are they trying out? Is this for fixed wireless services or backhaul? There is a lot of promise for 5G but where do the carriers want to take it?
  • Regulatory Reform - Does 5G represent the end of regulatory requirements based on technology? Does legacy regulation transfer to modern solutions, or will exemptions continue to be made?
  • Does Right of Way Change the Game?- So much of the discussion is around line of sight that Right of way and the existing infrastructure providers for towers probably have a larger role in the deployment of 5G. What are the pressures to increase locations and enable shared resources. Are the cost benefits driving technology deployments?
  • 5G to the Handset - It’s all about the density? How close are we? What is the promise of 5G to the handset? Can we make the smart device the only service to the home? Will 5G change the carrier’s strategy? Will the qualities of 5G make service provider’s winners and losers?
  • 5G and Wi-Fi: Google, Cable and Everything Else - Are these friends or foes? Does the home need to support 5G or does Wi-Fi continue to dominate the home and 5G needs to act as the gateway? Will service providers need to deliver duality? Are there wireline technologies to complement the deployments? Is it time for the cable operators to offer wireless services? Is Google Fiber going to support a 5G strategy? When looking at the future does 5G change the business model for the wireless Internet community?
  • Lessons from the Stadiums - Stadium deployments of Wireless technology represent amazing insight into demand requirements and cost effectiveness. We look at the Stadium deployments to get our arms around where we are today and what the mixture is of traffic that we should project onto 5G.
  • 5G and IoT - Does IoT change your 5G strategies? Can ISM, LoRa, RPMA, and Sigfox make separate segment of IoT an important. How does IoT add to the congestion of the 5G networks.

To submit a proposal, interested speakers should complete the online form by December 13, 2016 here: http://itexpo.tmcnet.com/east/call-for-papers.aspx#fname. 5G Summit speakers and panelist must adhere 100% to TMC’s “no commercialism” policy. If speakers cannot avoid commercialism, please do not submit a proposal. Questions regarding speaking opportunities at 5G Summit should be sent to Dave Rodriguez at 203-852-6800 x146 or Erik Linask at 203-852-6800 x284.

For more information or to register for ITEXPO, contact Frank Coppola at 203-852-6800 x131. For media inquiries, contact Jessica Seabrook. Companies interested in exhibiting, sponsorship or advertising packages for ITEXPO should contact TMC's Joe Fabiano at 203-852-6800 x132 or Maureen Gambino at 203-852-6800 x109.

For the latest ITEXPO and 5G Summit news, updates and information follow the event on Twitter at @ITEXPO.